Organization and Program FAQs

What is the Pequannock Youth Sports Association? 

The Pequannock Youth Sports Association, Inc. mission shall be to organize, direct and promote youth activities in a manner that will positively represent our community in a fun, fair and safe environment for all participating youth. Pequannock Youth Sports Association will teach the participants the fundamentals of each organized sport to achieve participant development and knowledge of the sport, with an emphasis on safety. Pequannock Youth Sports Association will strive to instill in all participants the concepts of good sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and respect for themselves and for authority. 


The Pequannock Youth Sports Association is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The Board of Directors consists of non-paid volunteers, which allows for 100% of fundraising and donations to be invested in the youth programs. 


What is the purpose of creating a new program? 

The purpose of the Pequannock Youth Sports Association is to further the concepts of organized sports and recreational activities, among the youth of this community, thereby creating a favorable environment in which, by work and demonstration, the qualities of safety, good sportsmanship, team work, and good citizenship may be advanced.  


  • Inspire and encourage our youth participants, regardless of sex, race, creed or color, and bring area youths closer together through the common interests, fellowship and athletic competition.
  • Strive to coach fundamentals, skills and rules related to our athletic programs, as well as sportsmanship, teamwork, self discipline, self-esteem, respect, physical fitness,  leadership and community involvement.
  • Promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, friendship, discipline and athletic ability.  
  • Encourage adults to behave in an exemplary manner by demonstrating respect and courtesy and to provide positive support, care and encouragement to each and every youth participant. 
  • Help youth participants to develop a lifelong love of the game of football, cheer and sports in general. 


What are your core beliefs? 

  • Program - A dedicated football and cheerleading program to benefit the youth of Pequannock.
  • Pride - Focused efforts to improve the football and cheerleading game day and in-season experience.
  • Principle - A program founded in community, honesty, transparency and commitment to the youth.
  • Participation - Opportunities for parents and community members to be involved and engaged creating the best experience for our youth.


What sports are part of the program? 

Football: All levels including Mighty Mites, PeeWees, Juniors, & Seniors

Cheerleading: All levels including Mighty Mites, PeeWees, Juniors, & Seniors


Will there be two football programs in Pequannock?

No. The Pequannock Youth Sports Association is the sole youth football program currently representing Pequannock.


What opportunities are there for the community to get involved?

A differentiator for the Pequannock Youth Sports Association is the inclusion of motivated and committed parents that want to be part of the program. The Pequannock Youth Sports Association is committed to making sure all voices are heard. There will be volunteer opportunities for parents and/or guardians of the children that are part of the Pequannock Youth Sports Association program. Volunteers will work closely with the Pequannock Youth Sports Association Board of Directors to advise and provide recommendations, in order for the Directors to make informed decisions. Volunteers will be assembled for:

  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Coaching
  • Game Day Operations
  • Equipment
  • Concessions


What are details related to the registration process and what are the fees?

Registration opened on December 4, 2023. Early registration is a critical component to our success and is one of our largest resources of startup capital for equipment and other startup costs. 


Football: $325 (Early registration discount rate $299 through 1.31.24)

Cheerleading: $225 (Early registration discount rate $199 through 1.31.24)


When does registration end?

May 15, 2024


What league will PYSA participate in?

Pequannock Youth Sports Association has officially been accepted into the Tri-County Youth Football League. This is the league that Pequannock has historically participated in for the last number of years.


Where will home games be played?

  • Our intention is to play the A home games at Pequannock High School. The fields are owned by the Board of Education and we have communicated our interest to the Superintendent and Athletic Director.
  • For B games, our intention is to play home games at Pequannock High School if there is availability. We are actively exploring alternative field options in town should the high school not be an option.


Where will practices be held? 

Our intentions are to utilize the current practice fields for football which are North Boulevard and Pequannock High School fields. All field requests for those locations are handled through the Athletic Director and the Board of Education. Other township fields, if needed, would be requested through Community Pass. For cheerleading, we will be utilizing fields in Pequannock Township. 


What are PYSA startup operational costs?

Initial startup costs are significant due to the required investment in key items such as uniforms and equipment. We plan to cover all costs through registration fees, various fundraising activities/events, donations, and our sponsorship program. 


What funds does PYSA currently have?

The Board of Directors have contributed funds and we have received numerous monetary donations. We are in talks with various businesses who have verbally expressed an interest in becoming a program sponsor. Fundraising and donations will accelerate the success of our program. 


Will the program be called the Pequannock Panthers?

Yes, we will be the Pequannock Jr. Panthers. 


Who will be the head and assistant coaches?

We encourage all qualified, interested individuals to apply for a coaching position. There will be an annual interview and selection process where coaches will be vetted and then voted on by the board of directors.


In future seasons, we hope to raise enough capital to pay independent, qualified Head football coaches and have parents serve as volunteer assistants for the betterment of the program. 

Coaching policies and procedures will apply to all levels for the 2024 season with the exception of the Football Senior level. The 2023 Senior football coaching staff will remain intact, in order to minimize coaching disruption for players in their final year of youth football.


How can PYSA improve the overall experience for the youth of Pequannock?

  • Program-wide planning and execution
  • Participant comradery
  • Fundraising 
  • Uniforms
  • Pep rally
  • Year-end banquet
  • Focus on participant safety
  • Pequannock Junior Panther Pride
  • Pequannock Junior Panther Merchandise
  • Pequannock Junior Panther Yearbook
  • Community support and pride
  • Parent Involvement


  How does PYSA plan on fundraising? 

  • Registration
  • Donations
  • Personal and business sponsorships
  • Events
  • Concessions
  • Participant fundraisers 
  • Panther merchandise


What will fundraising money be used for?

The Pequannock Youth Sports Association will be able to provide our participants with safe equipment, high-quality uniforms, shared events, as well as additional products and services that are solely meant to enhance the overall experience for the youth participants. 


Who are the Board of Directors?

The Pequannock Youth Sports Association has established a Board of Directors to manage the day-to-day operations. No Board members will be paid a salary or stipend. The Pequannock Youth Association Board of Directors consists of the following offices:


President - Keith Denninger

Vice President - Mike Andrikanich

Secretary - Mike Venezia

Treasurer - Mike Pokrywka

Director of Blue Cheerleading - Kimberly Pomroy

Director of Gold Cheerleading - Maria Laglia

Director of Blue Football - Bill Juliano

Director of Gold Football - Jason Tangorra

Director of Marketing & Fundraising - Mike Ciavirella

Director of Operations - Nick Snook